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Shamansland...the writing of British Fantasy author Jessica Rydill

Children of the Shaman                

Annat Vasilyevich is a young shaman who longs to escape her strict aunt and the small village where she lives.

When she and her brother are returned to the care of their father, a shaman who works as a railway guard, it seems that her dreams of adventure will be realised. He will take them to the northern terminus, a place on the boundary of maps and a vast, virgin forest.

But her dream turns into something darker when her brother is drawn into the frozen world of La Souterraine. Setting out to rescue him, Annat and her father are pursued by the evil Prince of Ademar, who hunts them down because they threaten his plans for power.

Annat has to enter the underworld with her father; she alone holds the key to saving not only her brother but the upper world itself.

The Glass Mountain

Coming soon for the first time in eBook format - The Glass Mountain, Book 2 in the Mir: shamanworld series.


Annat Vasilyevich is a shaman, with power to heal, fight and travel between worlds.

After a childhood filled with danger, all she wants is to train as a musician, and to enjoy the round of parties and balls that fill the social season in the city-state where she lives.

But this charming world comes under threat when she is despatched north against the armies of the mediaeval Duc de Malarat, who seeks to annexe the whole country under his rule.

While her father travels into enemy territory, Annat is given the daunting task of defending the city of Yonar from siege, against forces that use not only cannon and archers, but demons and plagues. With the shamans standing against them, the tyrant Duc de Malarat and his allies want more than just a victory: they want Annat and her family destroyed.

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Jessica Rydill, the author of Malarat and two other books, Children of the Shaman and The Glass Mountain


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